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ERP WMS Integration

PISPL’s software and technology enables our customers to manage their entire network in real time, so as to leverage vital information, meet the customer’s need for responsiveness, and most importantly facilitate collaboration and visibility across departments and companies.

We provide the necessary tools to transform our customer’s existing supply chain into real-time networks. Through our web enabled solutions in IT in supply chain management, we are able to provide visibility and transparency to our customers. Our e-commerce platforms are custom designed for companies of all sizes to facilitate easy customer management and check out.

Some of the services in IT in supply chain management that we provide to our clients are:

  • ERP WMS integration having the following modules: Inventory control, Order fulfilment, Managing Accounts Payable and Receivable and more
  • Automated middleware for ERP WMS integration with customer ERP. Moreover, operating knowledge of various ERP platforms such as SAP, OLOPS, BPCS, JD Edwards etc.,
  • Automated and On demand MIS.
  • Unrivalled expertise in interfacing with your stock control, resource planning and business information systems.
  • Custom E-Commerce solutions such as eOrder Management and order punching mobile application for the sales team.